Content Marketing

As tempting as it is for small businesses to focus all their marketing on ‘sell, sell, sell’, this approach can be counterproductive. Not only does not always draw in the customer, it can actually have the opposite effect. People grow weary of only seeing sales pitches and may in fact disengage and switch off from your channels altogether. This is where Content Marketing comes in. By providing your audience with interesting, attractive content, you can draw in people who might not have otherwise heard of your business. This sows the seeds for brand affinity, brand awareness and giving the customer a sense of you are as a business and how your product can help them. Do not underestimate the power of Content Marketing.


Not only that, but Content Marketing keeps your customers onboard AFTER they buy. Rather than have them disappear into the ether once the sale is completed (and potentially use someone else next time) by keeping them supplied with interesting, informative content, you’re keeping them engaged with your brand between Sales cycles.

Content Marketing: FAQ


What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing can be anything and just about everything! Videos, blogs, photos, infographics, stories, podcasts or white-papers.


But I don’t have the time to be creating all of this.

At Hapi, we specialise in content creation. It’s our thing. Videos, blogs, graphics – you name it, we can do it. While you get on with running your business, we can look after Content Marketing and keep those customers engaged with your product – even when they’re not buying.


Will I have to deal with different agencies?

Nope. We’re a one-stop-shop. We’ll create and distribute the content for you, handling all aspects be it writing, design, production, or dissemination.



Content Marketing takes time, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. Even if your competitors aren’t using it – that’s all the more reason to start embracing it and keep one step ahead. Drop us a line now and we’ll have a chat about how we can develop this for you. In time you’ll be wondering how you ever went without it.